Because I Say So

Below is a sampling of Debra's weekly column, Because I Say So,from the archives.

Memorize, memorize, memorize, and Never Forget… just in case
A single remote, a single remote, my queendom for a single remote
New TSA security screenings just a waste of perfectly good ado
Not much sleep going on in this so-called study
2012 -- Maybe the Mayans were right
As we careen toward anarchy, Republican ?leaders? applaud
The production of Fear Itself?s signature vehicle comes to an end
Avatar fans think they?re depressed
It takes a lot of dust to make a mountain
Easy to see how Nigerian terrorist made it to the U.S.
When were Wall Street fat cats put on H1N1 high-risk list?
There?s more than one way to tighten those trout bellies
Honey, load up the Subaru, I?m in the mood
Winters is a great place to be from
Jackson wanted what the rest of us took for granted
Muslim Wife
Snout that pig
Palin must demonstrate that she?s more than an archetype
McClellan?s book kicks off the party-planning process
Which candidates would you want for neighbors?
First Amendment does not allow child abuse
Look what they erected down on the corner
Where's the corn ?
Year of the Rat
Nothing but 200 grains of rice ?!
Sia Amma - Global Women Intact
Muslim Barbie
Chertoff to America: Be vigilant ? be very, very vigilant
Poor little rich girl
Civil War
Stay the course
Really Stupid
No Privacy
Seek common ground
True Blue, through and through
Not ready to kiss and make up
Four more years
Fear of Flying
Spiritureality TV
Dumber than a flock of seagulls
No posing until you pay
Back yard barbeque
Superstitious ?
Grief ?
Giving the kiss of death to low-rise jeans
Life's lessons from a lowly fruit
You know its a bad day when...
Shopper Wisdom
Money to waste
New slogan won't put on new spin
Goodbye old friend
Wind beneath his wings
House Next Door
Without Religion
Happy Cows
Horse Racing
Horsey Girl
Joey's Pumpkin
Joyful Fatalism
Laboratory Rats
Last Halloween
Martha Part2
Trout Bellies

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